Water Fed Pole System

  • We purify this water through a process of reverse osmosis and de-ionisation which removes all the impurities and minerals from the water thus leaving it pure. The pure water is then pumped through the water fed pole up to 4 storeys high with the operators feet planted firmly on the ground.(see health and safety note).
  • Using pure water the bristles on the brush remove the dirt, grime and any long standing detergents that have stuck to the glass on your windows and window frames.(video link) The glass is then rinsed using pure water and left to evaporate naturally leaving sparkling results every time.On the first couple of a cleans one or two spots can be left on occasions until all previous detergents have been removed.Your windows and doors will stay cleaner for longer as dirt has no sticky detergent to cling on to.

Hover Box Element

Our X-Line System

We recently purchased a state of the art system, so you can be confident that we will deliver excellent results.



  • Increased Privacy. No window cleaner appearing at your window and giving you a fright.
  • No damage to your property. With ladders there is always a greater risk of damage to your property, including your window frames, gutters, lawns and patios. Using the water fed pole system eradicates this risk.
  • Health and Safety.¬†Our workforce can work with their feet planted firmly on the ground while reaching those high and hard to reach windows, thus complying with health and saftey legislation. There is no risk of him falling off and injuring himself which is a common factor in the window cleaning industry. We believe this is the most important factor in the use of our water fed pole system.

Our System