Health and Safety

At RightKleen we always work responsible with regard for your property and belongings. We are therefore careful workers who do our best to avoid incidents and best protect ourselves and others. We are also fully insured should any accidents occur. This page provides some information about the steps we take to ensure that we maintain health and safety standards.


We will always treat your property with the utmost care and respect. We will avoid using ladders wherever possible to minimise the risk of accidents. In the event of anything unforeseen happening, rest assured, we have full public liability insurance.  A copy of the policy is available upon request.

Water Fed Pole System

We tend to clean windows using our water fed pole system due to it’s health and safety benefits and outstanding performance. As such, new customers windows are initially cleaned with the system, but if the unlikely situation arises whereby you are not happy with the results (as some types of glass do not agree with the system), we will happily move to traditional methods. Please see our blog post about the advantages of the water fed pole system compared to traditional methods here, for an in depth understanding of why we operate in this manner. However, some of the advantages for healthy and safety are listed below:

  • Access to high windows
  • Less chance of damage to your personal property
  • Less overreaching for difficult to clean windows
  • Less risk of personal injury to ourselves or others, carrying ladders