Traditional Vs. Water Fed Pole System Window Cleaning

Many of our customers are, at first, apprehensive about the use of the Water Fed Pole System to clean their windows. This is usually because of a bad previous experience where windows have been left in an unsatisfactory state.

At RightKleen, we use both methods and tailor our approach to the needs of the customer. During your first window clean, we test the performance of the water fed pole system and ensure that the windows are left sparkling clean. If this is not the case (which is a rarity), we will adopt a traditional approach.

There any many benefits of the water fed pole system when compared against more traditional methods, both for us as workers but also customers. These are as follows:

  • Privacy: With the water fed pole system, there is no longer a need for a window cleaner to suddenly appear at your windows.
  • Safety: Traditional window cleaning has many safety risks involved. For example, carrying heavy ladders around can easily lead to damage to property or personal injury. Moreover, overreaching and high windows can very possibly lead to serious injury. The lightweight water fed pole system eliminates these types of risks, and is far less physically demanding.
  • Time: The water fed pole system is a faster method, meaning less disruption at your business or home.
  • Versatility: The water fed pole system can also be sued to clean UPVC and conservatories. Moreover, it does a great job of cleaning frames!

Of course, to realise these benefits requires a skilled workforce who take the time to ensure that windows are cleaned to the best possible standard. At RightKleen we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and so with us you can be confident that you will be happy with the service you receive.

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