UPVC and Conservatory Cleaning

This is a short post to illustrate what a difference our UPVC and conservatory cleaning can make to your home. We offer these services in all of the locations we operate (see our locations guide). The first image below shows an example of UPVC prior to us cleaning.

The second image below shows the same region after we have have completed the cleaning. The difference is very obvious and this can make your home look bright and new again. Also, though this example is just for a gutter, we can clean any surface that is UPVC. This includes conservatories, frames (although we include this as part of our window cleaning package) and UPVC surfaces which may be on the front of your home.

Though we are predominantly a window cleaning company, we have the tools and experience to be able to complete this type of cleaning and we have had many happy customers in the past. Our water fed pole system is very good at removing dirt from these types of surfaces.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like your UPVC cleaned and you live in the Halifax/Huddersfield area. We would be happy to provide you wit ha free, no obligation quote.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!


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